Just returned from a real wake up. Our beautiful little granddaughter ... whom you so kindly allow me to post about ... has been found to be almost blind. We don't know how much she can see with those beautiful huge blue eyes ... but it doesn't appear to be much. We spent the morning at the Grandparents Day at the Childrens Center for the Visually Impaired in Kansas City, Missouri. While smiles were on my face, they were closely hiding tears. What this little girl has been through so far, far surpasses my ability to take in. Seeing the braille writers, and the canes ... oh my gawd ... it rips your heart out. She'll be a student there (CCVI) from now till she's at least three, and then be integrated into the school. The Center is a beautiful, bright, happy place ... the kids seem to not be any aware of their shortcomings ... just like every little kid, happy and playful. The playground had walkers and canes parked all over the place, while the kids were busy being kids. (They have little ones with so many more problems than blindness! and serve all their needs).
It sure does take the wind out of your sails when you try to put what you see in to the perspective of what you've hoped and dreamed for your children and grandchild.
Thank for hearing me out. I'm so blessed to have you all as family.