Across the street is a "No Parking This Side of Street" sign. I have never been able to read it with my right eye! All I saw was a white rectangle and a blotch of red!
About a year ago I had new glasses made but still no luck with the sign. Things got busy with the Michigan Fish-In and Wyoming trip so it was late October when I decided to do something.
A trip to the local Eye Care Center to see about Cataract surgery turned up something a bit more serious! The inside of my right eye was being torn apart and had to be repaired before anything else could be done.
That took the surgeon about an hour and I won't go into what it felt like when the drugs wore off!!
Anyway I was in for a 3 month recovery and had to keep my head down for the first week or so 'cause they had filled my eye with an air bubble to push the loose stuff back in place (Ugh!) Yes, you can lay a flat screen TV on the floor!
Long story short. Everything went well and when the healing process was complete they went in Tuesday and zapped the Cataracts! Piece of cake that one!!
Today I looked at the "No Parking" sign with my right eye and could make out individual letters!! Not quite clear yet but a lot better.
As part of the process is to install a plastic lens I know have a Bionic right eye!!