I recently renewed my Trout Unlimited membership on line. I haven't fished for trout in a long time; sometimes I wonder why I'm even a member. There's no local chapter or anything (I mean, this is Kansas, right?). If there was a Bluegills Unlimited or a Bass Unlimited or even a Panfish Unlimited it would be more appropriate for me. But as far as I know there isn't, and they do send out a nice calendar, so I keep paying my bucks to them.

They have a senior membership (which I have) but they don't have a spot for that on their online renewal form, so I called them and they said to mark "other" and type in the amount, which I did. They charged my credit card on October 16 and since then I've heard not a word; no renewal acknowledgement, no new membership card, no nothin'. I've noticed they're pretty prompt and aggressive in sending out the notices to renew, so I'm puzzled by this.

Thinking back, the same thing happened last year, so I emailed them about it. I said I was getting the feeling that maybe they don't want me as a member. So far I've had no response.