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    Default What's Not To Lek 2015

    Sage Grouse Count is at hand. Drive up from Phoenix was uneventful; thru Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon - inspired, as everyone who wanted to get there already got there; through Salt Lake on Sunday morning - act of genius as everyone, practically, was at church and the roads were wide open. Things perked up after Monida Pass

    the Tendoys were a welcome site (I'll be seing a lot of them over the next week)

    getting close

    I bid a fond farewell to I-15 and turn west; Baldy Mountain in the distance

    set up camp and Ben shows up with both dogs this year; Kaiser, 90 lbs of German Shorthair

    and Sal

    off to the leks before dawn; active, males strutting and hens watching, unfortunately everyone scattered for cover when a golden eagle appeared and that was that for the morning

    mobile grouse blind

    this guy wasn't quick enough (explosion of feathers at the kill site - could have been an eagle)

    more to come at some point (wi-fi is spotty on the back side of Badger Pass)

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