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Thread: The Duck River (TN) 2/23/09

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    Default The Duck River (TN) 2/23/09

    Jason (AKA hungNtree) pulled into the parking lot at Normandy Dam about 10:30 am just as I was finishing a heart healthy breakfast of McD's egg, cheese, bacon and biscuit with a potato "thing" on the side.

    After introducing ourselves we geared up and headed down to the river just below the dam. At this time it was somewhere around a balmy 36 degrees under sunny sky's with a brisk breeze out of the north.

    We worked the area using a Purple Pizzaz and an olive soft hackle to no avail. I used JC's "spider killing" tutorial to get jason's casting up to speed, a little more practice and he'll be doing fine.

    We then moved downstream below the first bridge.

    I had an LDR but nothing else and Jason had a couple of light taps. At least we were out of the breeze and the sun was warm. I did catch Jason reverting back to his spin casting days and try to pitch a Rooster Tail into a deep run. "Kill the Spider Jason, Kill the Spider!!". The water temp was 44 degrees, about 6 degrees warmer than the air, and our toes were getting cold so we headed back to the cars for lunch. After ham sandwiches, chips and sweet tea we went back to the river right under the bridge. Nada, nothing, nil!! Jason however was doing a fine job of keeping his back cast upeth and out of the bush's behind him. In fact he had not hooked one tree!

    Here it was, about 1:30 and no fish. I was not making a very good impression as a pervayor of "Local Knowledge"! I was time to play the trump card (Heck, it was the only card I had left!!).

    We humped it across the the bridge and about 1/4 mile down stream and got back in. Nothing, Nada, Nil. "Kill the Spider Jason!! We kept working slowly down stream both swinging olive weighted soft hackles. It had warmed up to a tropical 42 degrees by now and we were considering wet wading! I think Jason was having visions of me wet wading upside down!!

    Bang! It happened, Jason hooked up a fiesty little rainbow in a nice streatch of pocket water!

    I was getting cold so I handed Jason my 3 wt. to try and found a place in the sun to warm up.

    Wham! He had another one!

    After 3 more he admited that although he hated to give up the spot (He'd hooked 5 without moving 5 feet!!) but he needed to warm up too. Of course the grin on his face told me he'd had a good day after all!

    We hoofed it back to the parking lot and Oh did that sun feel good!!

    Made another good friend today and it don't get no better than that!!

    PS Jason's wife sent along a pecan pie for me and I just had to have some as soon as I got home. Jason, you can come down and fish with me any time you want too!!

    PPS Jason did hook one tree. My friend Charlie jumped out and grabbed his fly but must have seen me and instantly droped it in the river!
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