thank you all for the nice remarks. Here is the story behind this rod. One of my best friends son-law went into the service and got into jump school. While in training he shattered his ankle so he gets medically discharged. After he gets home he, his wife, and their 1 year old son are down stairs at my friends house with one of their friends and his girlfriend. the friend pulls out one of his guns and is hitting the girlfriend over the head with it playing around while girlfriend is trying to play with their 1 year old son. Well son in-law screams at him to knock it off and put the gun up. friend then proceeds by accident to shoot girlfriend in the head and kills her. everyone freaks and the cops show up. Long and short of it son in-law gets arrested for man slaughter. Son in-law has never touched the gun but he is not all that smart. After a year in jail they aquit him due to the fact friend finally fess's up. All son in-law talks about is getting out and just going fishing. That is why I built that rod. By the way son in-law does not alow guns in his house.