That?s funny I asked a similar question about this rod too. I have a JA Forbes mag. reel with a 2wt. DT Cortland 444 lazer line on my rod. I've only used it in the winter so far which may add to my difficulties of line memory and guilds freezing up. It seems tough to get the rod to load until you have a bit of line out there then you start to loose control pretty quick when the line gets out past 25-30 ft. I don't usually cast small streams further than that but I like to know I can get it out there if I need it. To the rods defense, the line memory made getting the light line through the guilds more difficult and if there was any ice on the guilds too. Also, the time I was casting past 30ft. was with a size 10 bead head streamer which is a little big and heavy for 2 wt. line.