Hi, Folks

Just a quickie for you. If you use the key code "FAOL" through Saturday night, you'll get an extra 5% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE. This is in addition to the $3 shipping and 10% off most items.

I'm off to the International Custom Rod Building Show for the weekend in High Point, NC. I'll check in from time to time and let you know if I see anything worth reporting.

Lastly, I'm thinking about putting together 25 bamboo rod building kits, where the blank will be done and you can wind them up yourselves. I'm trying to do this for less than $375. I know times are a bit rough, but that also means that I can get some good deals from around the world. My thought is it would cost about 1/2 of one of those fancy big name rods and would be an instant heirloom for folks interested. Retail on a finished rod of the quality I'm talking about would be over $800. If interested, drop me a private message. No commitments, just want to know if there is any interest.

Have a great weekend!