The river is in great shape right now. With this warming trend we are having it has come up a little bit and become stained. This hasn't deterred the fish from biting though, its been good for us that have made it out. Most fish are being taken on SJW's, eggs, copper johns, etc. standard early season stuff. Midges were coming off today and we did see some fish on the surface, but not enough to get us to change from our thingamabobbers.

Here's some pics for you.

What was great about the day before yesterday and today, besides getting to fish with new friends, was the fact that we were using different nymphing techniques. For me it was the egg on the bottom, tied into the eye(eye to eye) of a #12 copper john. Depending on current and depth I would sometimes place a #6 shot above the egg/below the copper john. Tom was using more a drop shot rig with his weight on the bottom and two flies above it and the flies were rigged on short 3" droppers. We were both using thingamabobbers. We both caught fish, somewhere between 20 - 23 for each of us, but we caught them in different holes. Some spots his rigged shined, while at others mine was more productive, it really was back and forth. Tom caught most of his on a SJW, while mine came on an egg. Fact of the matter is the fish were biting.

Of course it helped that from the looks of it no one had been in there for the last few days. We did get stuck and had to have another friend come out and pull us out of a snow bank, just another standard day in SE Idaho.