First of all, you'd better hurry 'cause Betty already bought 2 of 'em!!

We have a limited supply of the Diamondglass S2 glass made in the Vermont factory. They're a high modulus glass dark gray, almost blank finish. We have 12 of the 6'6" 3 weights, 20 of the 7' 4 weights and 18 of the 7'6" 3 weights. All are 2 piece. They $140 each and include a free Cortland Sylk DT fly line. I'll be sending an email tomorrow morning to about 15,000 customers, but thought I'd give the FAOL folks the first shot! (The Clarks Classic folks will also know.)

See more specs here:

And, by the way, maybe you all should think about dropping a hit to the Publisher of FAOL about adding the word "glass" to the description of this forum!


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