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Thread: Fly swap of the month-March

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    Default Fly swap of the month-March

    Since March is almost here im posting this so you can get working on your March flies the theme is Catskill style flies. Any pattern you choose will be good, all the standard rules apply. When you post your fly i will pm you my address. Please make sure the flies are mailed at least 2 weeks to 10 days before the end of the month to insure they get here thanks so much.

    1.Samfrank6-zebra wing devil *received
    2.ibrb-light hendrickson #14 *received
    3.jdulach-leadwing coachman *received
    4.johnR-catskill *received
    5.bobbymojo-adams #14 *received
    6.feltsole-dark cahill *received
    7.sirrom-firehole *received
    8.Danny Gober-gray fox
    9.Gigmaster-Ausadle wulff
    10.nyfisherman-Royal wulff
    11.Fishnfool9 adams *received
    12.den-ginger quill #14 *received
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