Seems to be a lot of line conversations going on right now, so I thought I'd add one more. (BTW, great job stepping up for the kid with the cracked line.)

I was fishing for silvers off the beach on Puget Sound with a Rio Outbound shooting head line. If you're not familiar with the Outbound, it has monster 30' head (28.5, actually) and a thin running line. The preferred setup for beach fishing is stripping as much as you can throw into a stripping basket and casting from there.

No matter how much you stretch it, or how careful you are about stacking it in the basket, you've got a lot of that thin running line bunched up on you hip and it's not a matter of 'if' it gets tangled, but how often.

Anyway, on one cast I flung my line and a tangle got up into the second stripping guide. No big deal. I'd done that before. I pulled the line back through and started untangling. But this time there was a perfection-loop type knot that would not come undone. I picked at it for 45 minutes until I basically picked the coating off the inside of the knot.

It was late in the day and I fished with the line for a little while longer. The knot was about 65' back. Kinda took the fun out of things, though. When I got home I faced the fact that this line was ruined and cut the knot out. I tried repairing it with some braided mono (that chinese finger trap kinda stuff) but I'm not entirely satified with the repair. I had no idea what I was doing so maybe that was the right tool but with the wrong technique. Or maybe there is a better way. Or maybe it's a lost cause. The repair doesn't have to be seemless, but the more seemless the better.

Any ideas?