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Thread: Curious about an update on the ultimate 12

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    I have an ultimate 14 tandem that i use for inshore fishing. I've taken it into open water when it was calm. I would not take it in 2 foot seas, even with a skirt. I use my Tarpon 140 when rain is predicted or if i'm heading to open water that i antcipate to be choppy. Thats just me.
    I really like the ultimate, however I'm very leary of the boat filling with water. I owned the Tarpon 140 before I bought the ultimate. So I had the advantage of having both a SOT and adding the hybrid type SINK ultimate. I would not recommend the ultimate to take into 2 foot seas.
    If you're looking for a boat that you can take your son in and will drain any water that can get in the boat, take a look at the magic. there is less room in the magic, but it is more of a SOT kayak that drain water that gets inside the boat. Native makes the magic in a 12 foot one man and a 14 foot version that can be both single or tandem. Plus with the magic, you still get native's super comfy seats
    As to the angler version; don't buy it. heavy markup on accessories you can add yourself. Plus half the fun is accessorizing your yak the way you want.
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