Went and looked today after reading the post below, and recommendations from a few people..
I was initially attracted to an inflatable (adv elem exped), but found that I needed more open cockpit space - I have an almost 4 y.o. son, so I liked the ultm 12 because of that, like the previous poster.
My need is inshore or mild open water use, distances up to say 3 miles - light chop - 2 feet seas - mainly transport to different spots, but also the occasional drift or anchoring in or near deeper channels - in other words, tose last 100 yards, that you can't reach when wading.
With respect to the ult 12 - would all you "salts" out there get the skirts, and if so which ones make the biggest difference bow or stern. Also how about their anchoring system - worth it?
I have found said boat locally in the 2008 model, with the retractable skeg for 749.00 - reasonable???? (not the angler version- just the plain solo.)
How does it perform in seas???
Lots of questions, I know, but I've found you guys to give great input, so...
Thanks in advance