My wife has ordered me to go fishing (isn't she awesome?). I teach grade eight and my class has me completely stressed out. What I need is a healthy dose of time on the water. The problem is, all of my home waters are frozen.

I'm looking for an eastern US state with an open trout season (I'd even settle for bass). I'm thinking of North or South Carolina, Tennesse, Arkansas, or even Georgia. I'd prefer to target trout in rivers and streams, but I have absolutely no idea which states have open trout seasons or good trout water.

I'd be able to travel from March 11 to March 19 (during my March break). I'd like to stay at inexpensive motels close to the water I'd be fishing. And, if anyone would like to spend a day on the water with a friend from Canada, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.