OK, anyone care to compare Lamiglas Honey to the Batson SPG blanks?

Both are e-glass, perhaps it would be a question of ascetics only?

Also in the SPG's. is there any info on who might make a rod on these blanks, as in pre-made?

I am wondering due to the added expense of shipping a 6' blank. Hoping maybe there is a big box, basic spin rod built on these blanks.

Wanting to build a 4-6 wt. in the 6-7' range BUT not wanting to spend very much as I am not sure on glass rods...only cast one HEAVY, 9' Shakespeare that was a telephone pole....it was "guesed to be" an 8 wt...but it seemed to eat up WF8, wanting more....needless to say, that rod was sold long ago.

Looking for a close work rod.