Good day,

I got the bug to dig out my old rod wrapping gear and maybe dress out a blank or two this spring. The only hitch in the plan so far is finding a blank that I can get enthused about rotating.

Below you'll find a list of specifications I'd like to stay within, but I'm flexible. ( with the exception of length, line weight, configuration and action. )
If you've built a four piece, nine for four on a blank that is still in production ( commonly available ) that meets those specs and would like to share your thoughts and impressions of it as an angling tool. I'd be interested in reading your pitch, including any vendor info you'd like to pass along.

9' - 4 wt. - 4 piece

Graphite composite, Medium Fast to Fast Action.

Butt Diameter not to exceed .360

Tip no larger than a 4.

Blank weight not to exceed 1.80 oz.

Blank Price: Max. $200.00

If you drew a blank on that inquiry, here's another possibility.
Would you know of a source that has a Sage 490-4 RPL or VPS ( not a +, light or blem ) blank still sitting around in their inventory?
Preferably one that won't require the relinquishment of a first born male child.

A little background, I already have five, nine for fours, so this project is just that - a consumer of excess time, not one driven by any particular need. Which I suppose would explain nearly all that we do, in the name of sport.

Thank you, Dave