Hello all. The idea of a Fish-in in the Smokies in the spring (an idea started by Owl) still sounds like such a good idea that I think it's time to resurrect the subject.

I have found a great looking place to hold the get-together, and want to know who might be interested in getting this thing off the ground. Take a look at [url=http://www.hiddencreekcabins.com/index.html:70fdc]http://www.hiddencreekcabins.com/index.html[/url:70fdc] and click on the Redwood Lodge for an idea of the location.

This place sleeps eight in five bedrooms, five on the sleeper sofas, has full hookups for 10 RV's, and camping space for 10 - 12 tents. The living area would be a great place for fly-tying in the evening, and there is a nice fire-ring as well.

I'm thinking of Thursday thru Sunday, May 12 - 15. The fishing is just great then, with hatches of most bugs well underway. There are streams and rivers within 30 miles of the place that range from delayed-harvest (to stroke your ego) to wild mountain brookie streams that require a five-mile UPHILL hike to reach!

Lets see what interest there is - continue this post or drop me an email with questions or comments.

Dave Cassens