Here is the problem. My old yak has become pretty scarred up from all the dragging about by me and previous owners. Some of the scrapes and scratches are pretty deep and might be in need of repair. I'm sure that even if I got the yak back in pristine condition it wouldn't stay that way for long. Any how, I've got the urge to try and smooth the old bottom up a bit. Might even help the glide if it were to have a bit less drag from all the dings/scratches.
I have one of the rotomolded yaks and don't know what to use for repairs. I have worked with fiberglass a bit, but don't think this is the same stuff????
Anybody on here done any of this type of work? What is entailed and how costly are the materials likely to be? Is this something that can be done with some type of gelcoat, or??

Anxiously waiting, Rodgerole