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AGrant, that is good to hear. i as well want an ulitmate, and have a 5year old son, and that was one thing i was worried about is how well he can fit. it sounds like that boat is everything it says it is. i have heard nothing but positive feedback from people like you who own one. what accessories did you get on your boat?
I have not gotten any accessories yet. I want to spend some time in the boat first before I start adding to it. I know I want a depth finder, but beyond that, just not sure yet because I have not spent enough time in it. I will keep everyone posted.

Your 5 year old son should fit perfect as mine did. I was really amazed at how much room both of us had in the boat. I need to get him a camp chair type seat, but for now, he's really doing well in the boat. Of course he wants to get out and go to the playground, but then again, he's 5.