ASF and the Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (SCNL) issued a media release in reaction to the report by the Auditor General of Newfoundland and Labrador that was critical of the way the Province was managing its aquaculture industry.

The media release is at and a one-page backgrounder bulleting the concerns in the Auditor General's report can be downloaded at

Also check out ASF's AQUACULTURE ISSUES page for links to recent reports on the escape of Atlantic salmon on the Atlantic coast. ASF researchers were co-authors.

In Quebec, ASF and its Regional Council FQSA recently submitted a detailed review of the downstream problems associated with a proposed hydro development on the Romaine River, near the Labrador border. A one-page backgrounder describes impacts on matters as diverse as siltation to changes in temperature caused by the reservoirs.

In Maine, the process of determining whether to list the Penobscot, Kennebec and Saco river populations of Atlantic salmon, and determining critical habitat throughout Maine is continuing. ASF's ISSUE PAGE on US endangered species status for Atlantic salmon provides background, documents and power points on this important issue.