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    Default Mayfly Life Cycle Swap - Lots of Room Left

    Hey folks. How about a Mayfly Life Cycle Swap?

    Heres how it will work. There are 4 stages of life for mayflies (Nymph, Emerger, Dun, Spinner) so we divide the swappers into each stage. Lets say 16 swappers(including myself) so that we have 4 patterns of each stage of life. When the swap is done you will have a somewhat complete box for whatever stage you happen to find out on the river.

    When swappers sign up please give the name of your pattern and indicate which stage of the life cycle you are signing up for. You may need to keep a little closer attention to what life stage others have signed up for already. The specie of Mayfly does not matter, it just must be a pattern representative of some mayfly.

    Deadline for sign up will be February 10th and a due date of March 15th.

    Typical swap rules apply but I will send out the particulars to those who sign up.
    I will tie a pattern for whatever the last open position is.

    Does anybody want to play along??

    1.Black_Co - Copper John *Received*
    2.nyfisherman - PT Nymph *Received*
    3.JohnR - Tellico Nymph *Received*

    1.Ben - PT Emerger *Received*
    2.nen-bran - Loop wing CDC emerger *Received*
    3.Loopy - Gosling *Received*

    1.Forest Dweller - Blue Wing Olive *Received*
    2.IBRB - Compara Dun *Received*
    3.Yonks311 - Para Isonychia Dun

    1.Scubatim - Rusty Spinner *Received*
    2.Greenock - Yellow Spent Mayfly *Received*
    3.Hap *Received*

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