I'm considering picking up a canoe this spring.

I'll mainly be fishing slow moving warm water streams and lakes / ponds. I would guess 70% of my fishing will be on lakes / ponds 10 acres and smaller with perhaps a few slightly larger lakes in the 200 acre size range.

Most of the streams would be slow moving warm water streams.

I'd like to have the canoe big enough to hold my son and I and our fishing gear. I can't see us using it for back country camping.

I would like it to be light weight enough that I could get it up on the van roof by myself if needed.

I've been in rental canoes a lot of times an haven't dumped one that I did not intend to flip, but am not really excited about the idea of flipping one in a lake while fishing.

So, for stability and fishing, what should I be looking for?

Aluminum, fibreglass (plastic) what's the advantages of one over another?

I love the wood cones, but like with bamboo fly rods, they can be pricy and I imagine heavy.

what about square stern and trolling motors?

As you can see I have a ton o questions.

I'd really like to hear your all perspective on this.