While I've built 8 or 10 rods over the past 30+ years I've never taken one apart. I've got one that has a damaged handle (I suspect a mouse chewed on it) and I plan to replace the handle. To do that I've got to remove 2 guides and a hook keeper and then the cork handle, which is about 85% intact. The rod was build up from a graphite blank and (of course) is my favorite rod with some sentimental value, so I'd like to have the process go smoothly. There's a two-part epoxy coating on the guides and keeper, which I imagine is going to make removing the components without damaging the rod challenging. Likewise, I epoxied the cork grip on too.

I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for making the disassembly go smoothly? Is there anything that will soften the epoxy without damaging the blank? With the wealth of knowledge here, I'm sure not only there are members who have done this, some of you must know how to do this sort of thing right!

Thanks for any and all suggestions.