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Thread: CDC SWAP the first I am hosting

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    Default CDC SWAP the first I am hosting


    Tie any fly you choose the only requirement is that CDC is one of the materials used in the pattern.

    Sign Up deadline will be Feb.1st Deadline for flies to me will be March 15th.
    That way you should get them back for the beginning of the Spring Season.

    This will be for the first 12 tiers to sign up. You will need to tie12 flies of any pattern you

    As you sign up try to let me know which fly you will be tying and what
    size hook you will be tying. This helps everyone to know what size box to use.

    Be sure to ship your flies in a box big enough and strong enough to
    hold the flies you will be getting back.

    Enclose it along with a return stamped and addressed envelope
    in an envelope strong enough to hold it all.

    No metered mailing strips please.

    Don't forget to toe tag your flies.

    Please let me know when you ship your flies.

    Also please mark your envelopes with your online name and the swap name.

    I will PM you My Shipping Address as you sign up for the Swap.

    Please let me know when you receive my Address.

    At the end of the swap please let me know when you receive the flies back.

    Don?t forget the only 2 rules
    Rule #1 Have fun
    Rule #2 The pattern must contain CDC

    I will be tying a Shuttlecock
    Hook sz 14 Thread black Rib fine copper wire Body peacock ice dub
    Wing natural grey CDC Thorax orange dubbing
    This fly should be deadly on trout as well as surface feeding panfish.

    1 scubatim sz.14 Shuttlecock
    2 ibrb sz.16 spider Received
    3 nyfisherman sz.16 bwo emerger Received
    4 Ron Eagle Elk sz. CDC and Elk Grannom Received
    5 Bill Dorgeloh sz.16 emerger TBD Received
    6 Bassman sz 14 CDC Corn Fly Received
    7 TyroneFly sz.14/16 CDC vinyl ribbed spider Received
    8 Albannach Detached body yellow may
    9 Yonkes sz 20 CDC Compara Trico Received
    10 Baitwaister TBD
    11 Hap TBD Received
    12 Setnhooked TBD
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