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    Default Soft Hackle Swap Hosted By Bassman Swap Photos

    Flies from the Soft Hackle Swap hosted by Bassman. Flies are listed in the order tiers signed up for the swap.

    Yaller Hammer tied by Bassman

    Hook: Mustad 3906B #12-16
    Thread: UTC 70 denier Yellow
    Abdomen: Yellow Rabbit Dubbing
    Thorax: One Peacock Herl, six turns.
    Hackle: Barred Mallard Flank Mayfly Yellow
    Head: UTC 70 Yellow coat with SHHAN

    Starling and Herl tied by Danny Gober

    Thread: Black
    Body: Peacock Herl
    Hackle: Starling

    Partridge and Green Spider tied by Ron Eagle Elk

    Hook: Daiichi 1640 #12 to 18
    Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer Green Silk, well waxed.
    Hackle: Partridge (one side stripped) two turns.

    Hare's Poll and Red Flymph tied by Ron Eagle Elk

    Hook: Mustad 94842 #12 -16
    Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer Scarlet Silk, lightly waxed.
    Hackle: Reddish Brown Hen Hackle
    Tail: Reddish Brown Hen Hackle Fibers
    Body: Hare's Poll Fur spun in Scarlet Silk Dubbing Loop
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