All good advice in my experience. I have fished from a canoe every summer weekend for 20 years - until I got a kayak about 5 years ago! Anyway, my only additions are these:
In the canoe I don't wear a vest, it just gets in the way. A small tackle bag/pouch is sufficient for all I need for warmwater fish. I can leave it on the floor of the craft. I agree that gear should be attached to the craft, but have never leashed my rod - nor have I ever dropped one overboard.
When wading or in a john boat it is tempting to cast to the side if a fish rises. In a canoe, cast no more to the side than about 45 degrees. You will overbalance if you twist farther (I have never dumped a canoe either.)
Lastly, since you are new to this fly fishing thing and can only cast 30', let me add this: Casting is NOT throwing. Don't bend your wrist so much (I presume here), don?t extend your arm, and stop the forward cast VERY firmly.
Fishing from the canoe will be one of the memories I will have in my last moments I am sure - it is the best of times.