I am brand new at flyfishing, as most of you probably know from all of the questions I have been asking. I still have a 2 man canoe that me and my Dad fished in when I was a kid. There is a small watershed nearby, that was full of bluegill and crappie when I was a kid and I have been thinking of going there this spring and trying it out. But as I haven't tried this, I was wondering if I should start practicing casting sitting down or something like that? I still can't cast very far, only about 30 ft. or so, but I keep practicing every chance I get and I'm hoping for maybe 40 to 50 ft by spring. I thought if I could stay in the canoe, out in the middle of the water, then maybe I can stay out of that ?@!#! tree. Anyway, that is my idea, any thoughts from you guys?

As far as the canoe goes, I have made many trips down the creeks and rivers around here. I'm no expert or anything, but I am not worried about the canoe as much as I am casting out of the canoe. Mostly, I just want to stay out of that tree.