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    Default "Must Have Herl" Swap - SWAP COMPLETE

    Hi folks. How about a new swap? I was thinking about a "Must Have Herl" Swap.

    The rules are pretty loose on this one. Doesn't matter what type of pattern it is as long as it has herl in it. It can be peacock herl, ostrich herl, heck even the pseudo herl stuff at the fly shops is fine. Just make sure your fly has some herl in it.

    Lets make it a sign up deadline of December 26th, with a due date of January 31st to have the flies to me. I'm thinking 12 swappers including myself.

    Typical swap rules apply: Toe Tags, Return Postage, Crush proof boxes, etc...

    I'll PM all the shipping info to swappers once the swap is full.

    I'll choose my fly pattern once I see what others have chosen.

    Who wants to play along?


    1. Yonks311 - Royal Trude
    2. Bassman - Brassie (*Received*)
    3. ibrb - Zugbug (*Received*)
    4. BlueDun - Mini herl bugger (*Received*)
    5. RidgeLiner - Panfish herl fly (*Received*)
    6. Scubatim - Bettle (*Received*)
    7. RonEagleElk - Starling and Herl (*Received*)
    8. Ben - PT Nymph (*Received*)
    9. Hap - Mosquito Emerger (*Received*)
    10. White43 - Panhandler (*Received*)
    11. Jacktjl - Woven body nymph (*Received*)
    12. bdesavage - Herl Bodied Trico (*Received*)

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