in from Rusty Gates,,,

Mason Tract drilling issue.

Savoy Energy, the people that own the mineral lease, have been playing
snake in the grass for over three years. NO WHERE TO BE SCENE!

They tried to intervene in the case, for purposes of an appeal,
stating the Government was not representing their monetary interests
in the case.

Honorable David M. Lawson of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District
of Michigan, hammered Savoy.

"During all this time, Savoy was not heard from, although the case
received considerable public attention, and the preliminary injunction
prevented Savoy from proceeding with its drilling project. Then, once
the smoke of battle cleared, Savoy emerged from the woods on September
4th, 2008 to file its motion to intervene, seeking to urge an
appellate court to walk through the battlefield, as the saying goes,
and shoot the wounded. "

A Government appeal is still pending in the 6th Circuit Court of
Appeals, Cincinnati. It is believed the Government has no intent to
pursue this appeal, which was filed to simply keep their options
open. We would certainly drop our cross-appeal, if the Government
does the same. An injunction would remain in place prohibiting any
drilling by Savoy.

Good news indeed!