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    Arrow Swap of the month 2009 signup

    This signup is for a monthly swap that will take place every month from now until the end of 09. By signing up for this one, you will have to commit to tieing for a swap every month of the year. We will begin in January, so once the swap fills, I'll assign months to everyone. January's swap will be listed in a new post when it is ready to start.

    READ THIS BEFORE SIGNING UP: Do not sign up if you cannot fulfill your part of these swaps. Your flies have to be on time every month, and you have to complete every swap in the series. There will be a total of 12 spots for this series, and if you default on a swap or produce late flies without a genuinely acceptable reason, your spot will be offered to someone else to fill. I've been lenient on deadlines in the past, but because this is a series, I am going to be much more strict on this one.
    However, if you have a month that you cannot complete, tell us BEFORE the month starts, and I will find you a substitute for that month only and you can keep your spot in the swap.

    This year's swap will have 12 people, and everyone will be asked to pick the theme for one month of the year. Your month will be randomly assigned. If you want to, you may even host the swap for that month.

    Be aware when selecting your theme that there are 12 people from many different regions of the country. You have the potential of selecting a theme that may be extremely difficult or impossible to do for them. For example, picking a theme out of a specific tying book could be a problem, or flies specific to a local technique or body of water. If you have trouble selecting one, FAOL is chock full 'o folks who would love to share their opinions and offer suggestions.

    Another note, toetags have gotten a bit sparce in some cases, so please be sure you submit your flies with proper toetags. Minimum info on the toetag is you FAOL username and the pattern name. If you don't include a pattern on the tag, please post it on the swap thread for the appropriate month.

    Standard rules apply. Send your toetagged flies in a crush proof container with return packaging and postage. NO METERED MAIL! I don't require extras or other goodies.

    If the swap fills and you want in, go ahead and put your name in, and I'll keep a alternate list in case we have drop outs.

    Swap of the month group:

    1. ol' blue
    2. Danny Gober
    3. (bassman-We miss you, John!) JohnR
    4. feltsole
    5. wetflyguy
    6. sirrom
    7. nyfisherman
    8. ben
    9. jdubach
    10. ibrb
    11. FISHNFOOL9
    12. gigmaster
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