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    This swap is now Mailed! JGW

    Okay, this one is costly due to the postage. Since this is an international site, I'll take two swappers from each country involved be it the U.S., Holland, Norway, Chile, NZ (Jeff Hamm?) . . . whereever, whatever. Pike to trout. Your choice. Limit 12 tiers. Sign up is prior to Christmas, say December 26. Due to logistics let's air for a deadline by Valentine's Day -- that would be February 14, 2009 for the unaware. I'm in on this one, so one more person from the States. Any water type, any fly ? salt, warm or trout. Send the flies to John G. White, Box 672, Clara City, MN 56222. Make sure you provide return envelops with the correct postage stamps.
    1. White43 - USA - Panhandler (TIED)
    2. Mr. Blur - USA - TBD (RECEIVED)
    3. Gringo - Australia - (RECEIVED)
    4. Uncle Barry - Australia - Softies (RECEIVED
    5. Mike Ormsby - Canada (RECEIVED)
    6. Paul W. - Netherlands (Once & Away) (RECEIVED)
    7. Hans - Netherlands (Klinkies) (RECEIVED)
    8. Greenock - Scotland (CDC Shuttlecock Buzzers) RECEIVED)

    Also, please state the country you're representing! Thanks. JGW
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