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Thread: No Feathers Allowed ? Woolly Bugger Swap

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    Default No Feathers Allowed ? Woolly Bugger Swap

    No Feathers Allowed!!! Woolly Bugger Swap

    How can you tie a woolly bugger without a feather? I have used eyelash yarn and dubbing brushes with fur.

    What else can you use? You tell me. Let's see how creative we can be.

    The fly can be for coldwater, warm-water or saltwater fish.

    As an added bonus, I will send to each participant a few feet of the materials I use to construct my fly.

    A strict limit of 12 tyers.

    Sign-up will close when full or around December 15.

    I will PM my address to all swap members when they sign up.
    Flies due to me by January 21 2009.

    I will send flies out shortly thereafter. (Unless you do not send return postage. If you don?t send postage the flies are kept in a safe place until the postage arrives.)

    Please remember to put toe-tags on your flies.

    International swappers are welcome. I live in upstate New York, USA.

    I haven?t hosted a swap in nearly two years.
    The last one was my Mardi-Gras Bead Swap. For images of that swap go to:

    Thank you for considering joining.


    1. Ed Engelman Fur-Out bugger Completed
    2. Ohiofly RECEIVED
    3. steelieslayer RECEIVED
    4. setnhooked RECEIVED
    5. wayneb RECEIVED
    6. Eight Thumbs RECEIVED
    7. bassman Stinky Bugger RECEIVED
    8. Vulture6 RECEIVED
    9. bigdewy RECIEVED
    10. Gigmaster nuclear bugger RECEIVED
    11. scum.glove Rubber Man RECEIVED
    12. JackCrow RECEIVED

    Alternate 1. jimsnarocks

    Alternate 2.
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