On the left side of the kayak (if you were seated in it) I will go clockwise...

-First, down in the "well" at my left elbow, is an adhesive ruler. Good spot to lay fish for a quick measure/picture.

-There's the "nalgene" water bottle, whose top can be seen above the fishfinder.

-Then, the fishfinder on a RAM mount. Its the Lowrance X-67c color fishfinder.

-In the middle/front of the cockpit is the pedals for the Mirage Drive system (this is a Hobie Outback kayak). One pedal is all the way back (looks like it's straight up), the other is pushed all the way forward. This allows the "fins" underneath the hull of the kayak to be aligned nearly flat up against the hull. Great for shallow water.

-Next, on the right side (as you would be looking from the seated position) is a Scotty fly rod holder.

Also, on one side is a lever that is the "Twist & Stow" control for deploying the rudder. You can see the rudder in the "stowed" position on top of the stern. The other side has a lever that controls the rudder direction.

You can see the 2 round waterproof hatches, and the large front hatch. Its a pretty sweet layout!

I still plan to install a 2nd rod holder up front, and an anchor trolley on the right-hand side (as you are sitting). The anchor trolley allows you to attach the anchor rope at the side of the kayak, then like opening a curtain, you can either slide the rope to the front or rear of the kayak. This is especially desirable when anchoring in wind or current, as it allows one end of the kayak (or the other) to point into the waves/current, rather than coming over the side!

This is also good if you want to anchor near a brushpile, for example....you can anchor away from it, let line out behind you as you let the breeze push you over the top of it. Then, when fish are hooked, they are less likely to get tangled in your anchor rope.