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    Theme for this one is punch yarn. Sign up and I will send you a selection of punch yarn to be used for the swap. Your job for the swap is to use punch yarn in the pattern you tie. You will end up with more punch yarn that you will need. Keep the extra--it is your reward for completing the swap on time. This swap is aimed primarily at those who haven't used punch yarn before, but others can sign up if they feel the need. Since you are getting free material from this one, please don't sign up unless you are positive that you can complete the swap on time. PM me with your shipping address when you sign up so I can send the material out as soon as the swap fills. Deadline for signup is November 30.

    For those who haven't heard of it, punch yarn is a small yarn that can be used as an easy dubbing substitute, or as a general yarn substitute for tails/wings. Do a search here on FAOL if you want more info.

    Swap is limited to 8 tyers. All flies are due to me by December 22. I've started strongly enforcing my deadlines, and it works out much nicer for me and is fair to everyone else. So, get your flies to me by the due date, or I will return them to you. Keep in mind it is close to Christmas, so allow some extra time on shipping.

    Otherwise, standard rules apply. Include return packaging/postage and don't use metered mail. Use a crushproof container, and have a toetag that at least includes your FAOL username and pattern name.

    1. roygpa - RECEIVED
    2. ibrb - rollover bug - RECEIVED
    3. steelieslayer - RECEIVED
    4. bassman - RECEIVED
    5. black co - CDC mayfly emerger - RECEIVED
    6. wetflyguy - march brown - RECEIVED
    7. nyfisherman - RECEIVED
    8. white43 - flank streamer - RECEIVED
    9. Rick Z - RECEIVED
    10. ol' blue
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