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    Default Soft Hackle Swap


    Time for me to Start another swap. This one will be for 12 tiers, 12 flies each. Signup deadline November 15. Deadline for flies to be to me December 15, that way they should get back to you by Christmas.

    Everyone will be tying a Soft Hackle Fly of your choice.

    Be sure to ship your flies in a box big enough and strong enough to
    hold the flies you will be getting back.

    Enclose it along with a return stamped and addressed envelope
    into an envelope strong enough to hold it all.

    No metered mailing strips please.

    Don't forget to toe tag your flies.

    Please let me know when you ship your flies.

    Also please mark your envelopes with your online name and the swap name.

    I will PM you My Shipping Address as you sign up for the Swap.

    Please let me know when you receive my Address.

    At the end of the swap please let me know when you receive the flies back.

    Above all else have fun with this swap. John

    1: bassman - # 14 My Version of the Yallar Hammer**Done*
    2: Danny Gober - #18 Starling and Herl**Received*
    3: Ron Eagle Elk - Partridge and Green Spider**Received*
    4: steelieslayer - #12 March Brown**Received*
    5: nyfisherman - Pheasant Soft Hackle**Received*
    6: TB Wannabe - Olive Krystal flash Soft Hackle #14 or#16**Received*
    7: biot midge - Hare's Ear soft hackle**Received*
    8: Sirrom - Transluscent Orange and Woodcock**Received*
    9: ibrb - Noel Soft Hackle**Received*
    10: JohnR - Royal Cackle**Received*
    11: deserttrout - Partridge and Green soft hackle**Received*
    12: Eight Thumb - Brassie Widow**Received*

    *you have received my shipping addy.
    **you have shipped your flies to me.
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    I wish you all everlasting flies and tight lines.

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