Hi Joe,

I just finally got the time to read your feature, and the one by Rick. Those two are must reads for me each week, and usually Monday at noon at work is a favorite time, but I have too many irons in the fire lately.

At any rate nice articles from both of you.

Joe, the picture of that red ear is really nicely done, it really catches the eye when you first pull up the feature.

Since you asked in the feature, the spider could be one that I tied. It is the style that I tie, and chartreuse is my favorite color. The pattern is simple to tie, and a lot of tiers tie it though, so it could be one that one of the others guys may have tied.

By the way, late this fall I finally bought a long time wish item, and now have a small jon boat. The current project it to make it fishable, and so cleats, oar locks, and a "Joe Hyde" anchor set up are being worked on. Hope to have the anchors set up made by early next week, and hope to fish it within a couple of weeks.

Glad to see you back in Kansas. Glad you had a good week of fishing.