First let me ask the basic question :
Does it really make much difference in performance if you twist to just before pigtailing vs say twisting 10%?????

What factors seem to come into play more if you do twist to just before pigtailing?..that is what variables are there?

For example IMO ...

You can have various amounts of tautness when stringing the how taut you get the last loop knot to the how much you stretch when doing the legs...if you engage the peg or the loop when "dropping through" the various loops on the pegs...

I have used 2# and 4# fluorocarbon..I think the 4# can't be twisted quite as much....what do you think?

It seems to me the end points I have written on my board have varied a little because of the above and I have had to be really careful not to get a blowup.

Doing only 10% seems to be an easy way out.

Anyone have more ideas?