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Clay, I met Brad at the Great Waters show in Minneapolis back in March and wow, does he ever tie some interesting and mean pike/musky flies. I popped $15 for one, then stupidly used it wrongly. We were fishing a MO farm pond, and after hooking a small bass I was playing along a weed line a massive bucketmouth whalloped that little bass and the fight was on. I'd hate to guess the weight of the second bass, but down at Lake El Salto I caught one that weighed eight pounds and it looked every bit of that. Okay, so I have this great idea. I had Brad's fly with me in the pickup, so I tied that on figuring that the attractant was something very large and vulnerable stripped right along the weed line. Smart thinking? Well, it worked, and a fight was one ? until my line was taken quickly into some heavier weeds. Before I could react ? pop ? the line broke. Fifteen bucks for one lousy cast! Nevertheless, watching Brad tie some of those flies just absolutely destroyed any preconceived notions about fly tying. He is definitely outside of the box, and it'd be great if LF could convince him to do a FOTW. The kid is a "trout bum" with a musky eye! JGW
He was also at the Great Waters show in Chicago. I remember watching him tie some monster flies as well and that is why I posted his link. Lots of fur and feather. I could make hundreds of trout flies for the amount of material he was putting in one of those monster creations. Seriously cool though. On a local fly fishing board he posted a nice thread about "not fearing the 10 wt". Big flies and big fish put a smile on my face.