Thanks for posting this!

Atlantic salmon are very dear to my heart, and are the heart of many of the conservation activities here in Maine. This isn't some obscure "fish of Kings" or elite realm, but our native species and one in terrible trouble at that.

I live in the proximity of the Kennebec River, where many of us have volunteered to assist our Department of Marine Resources in streamside incubation of A. salmon eggs and in a new method of injecting eggs into the gravels to create artificial redds. The results have been surprisingly good, but they are only part of a complete package which includes habitat restoration and much more insight into what goes on offshore, among other things.

Alerting government officials that we care, and that this is "Everybody's Fish" not some lofty ideal, is an important part of the potential progress.

Who knows if it'll work? But we know for certain that if we give up, it won't.

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