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A friend of mine and I were wondering where you got the craft fur long enough to make that fly? All we have been able to find is to short for flies like what you have. Also, do you have a recipe for that fly?

My local tying buddies always say, "What happens at the craft stores stays at the craft stores." I get my craft fur from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc... You get a REAL large square and the fur is long. Great for rabbit pelts too

I have no secrets for my fly. I have to give huge credit to Texas Fly Report. The fly in the picture is the Smartt Minnow, just a little malled is all. It is found here: http://www.texasflyreport.com/patter...ern.aspx?id=53

I have my variations, but nothing huge... just tying preferences. Wish I could make mine as pretty as "Gartooth," the contributing fly tyer.

Hope you get into some toothy thingys,