I have told myself countless times "man, you need to fish that popper/dropper" and I've continually been too dadgummed lazybones to do so. Finally I grabbed myself by the scruff of the neck and tied on a dropper under the foam spider I was fishing.

Interesting fly, my buddy Dan got a big box of them from a bargain bin at Cabelas in Fort Worth. Not at all sure of the name, it looks like this Some goose biot behind a beadhead behind some marabou; all on a #14 or #16 hook.

So I tied about 12" of tippet off of the bend of a simple foam spider and started working the edges of my "comfort food" pond. The results were pleasing and I ought not to have been so surprised. I took to hand a number of nice bream as well as a load of rinky dinks. Not too surprisingly, there were some bigguns hanging around the fishing pier pilings. I should have gotten photos but I was too excited and just tossed them back with a kiss and big "thank you".

See all that weed in the background? It is my favorite in the whole wide world! Not only does it provide cover and holding fish but its so wimpy that when the fly snags, just take up the slack, give a steady pull and the weed just gives up and breaks off. No more lost flies or need to invent new swears! I guess I oughta market the stuff!