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Thread: 3 new Trout in the Classroom programs launched in VA

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    Default 3 new Trout in the Classroom programs launched in VA

    Trout in the Classroom - 2008-2009 Program
    Thanks to the outstanding hard work by our member, Karl Miller we have three TIC programs in place. See below the Press Release that tells a little about the program. Thanks to Karl we are making a difference in the future of our watersheds and our children.
    News release: "Trout in the Classroom" program launched in the Roanoke Valley
    The Roanoke Chapter of Trout Unlimited has sponsored three new start-up "Trout in the Classroom" (TIC) program sites in the Roanoke Valley . The T.I.C. program is designed to connect students to their local environments and their local watersheds. The program aims to teach students about watershed health and water quality.
    Trout in the Classroom programs have been in place all across the country for more than 20 years, the results of numerous collaborations between teachers, volunteers, government agencies and local organizations. The program was designed specifically for teachers who wanted to incorporate more environmental education into their curriculum. Initially started in 1997, participating students from K ? 12 learn the importance if water quality and connect with their watershed by raising trout form eggs to fingerlings and then releasing them in a clean, cold stream in the spring. The state of Virginia will host over 70 TIC program sites during the 2008-09 school year.
    Chapter 308 of Trout Unlimited under the leadership of Dover England , President, began this initiative in 2007 and thanks to its membership support, the Chapter was able to secure funding through John M. Oakey and Son, Salem to purchase over $4,000 in equipment and supplies to support the program sites. In 2008, three schools ( Hidden Valley Middle School , Roanoke Catholic School , and Glenvar High School ) indicated their interest in serving as a sponsoring site. But the program is really driven by the classroom teachers who managed the site and use the aquarium and trout eggs as a vital part of their lesson plans. Ms. Marilee Weikel at Hidden Valley Middle School , Mrs. Mary Lupsha at Roanoke Catholic and Mr. Charles Filer and Mr. Dave Mueller at Glenvar High School all stepped forward and they have actively embraced the program goals and objectives. In addition to all the necessary equipment and supplies, each site is assigned a T.U. Chapter Coordinator who serves as a resource to each site and supports the teacher. All three program sites will receive eyed Brook trout eggs from the Paint Bank Hatchery in early October. Paint Bank is one of several Department of Game and Inland Fisheries hatcheries that participate in the TIC programs. Brian Beers, Manager of the Paint Bank Hatchery will provide both Brook trout and Brown Trout eggs. During the first week in October, Mr. Beers will furnish each program site 300 eyed eggs which are then placed in a specially equipped aquarium. During the following days, the eggs hatch into fry and grow to the fingerling stage. However, careful attention must be shown by the students who monitor tank water temperatures, chemical balances of the water, and the overall growth and condition of the trout. Towards the close of the school year (usually in April/May), the students release their trout in a state-approved stream in the area?s watershed.
    For more information see
    Roanoke Chapter #308 website -
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