Yesterday at the local pond across the street I watched in amazement as several big carp were feeding on top. It appeared as though they were eating fresh grass clippings which had collected on the overflow corner of the pond. I was really surprised to see how high out of the water the carp had to stick their noses so that they could sip what they wanted from the top. This was the first time I have seen carp do this but apparently this is somewhat common. I had no idea carp would feed on top like that. Are these standard carp or are these "grass carp"? Or do all carp do this?

I didn't have my full arsenal of flies with me but I did throw some ant and hopper dries. But to no avail. So what else can I try? I've yet to find a grass fly pattern, nor have I been able to dream one up.

Another light bulb went off lastnight...the 5wt ain't gonna cut it. Time to pull the trigger on the 8wt. Oh well it's like my boss says "I guess that's just the cost of doing business..."