I have recently begun chasing carp in a local river with limited success. I have managed to catch one and hook into one other that got into a laydown tree and pulled the hook. Both of the fish I have hooked and the few others I have got to take but missed the hookset on have all been in very slow to still water along the banks of the river. These are only about 10% of the fish I see and I am looking for some tips on getting the fish sitting in the current to bite.

The problem is that any fly I drift pass them goes by so fast that they ignore it and any fly with enough weight to sit on the bottom and be hopped along in the current eventually snags on the rocks or weeds and spooks the fish when I attempt to get it unstuck. Inverted flies and flies with weedgaurds work better, but still get stuck between the rocks and still pick up a fair amount of weeds.

Any advice or should I just focus on the ones I find in calm water and ignore all the ones feeding in the swifter currents?