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mcmutt Quote; 3-9-07
In Response to Allegations of Fraud
After a few days of mulling over my answer, I feel it is time to address the inaccurate allegations leveled against me. The post was pointed out to me by another member Monday evening while I was in the chat room.To those statements, I give this response:
A few days after receiving the check from Z, my family & I made the decision to have our phone/cable/internet disconnected for a period. My wife was off work due to her pregnancy & we had lost her income. During this time, I could not send out a few orders I had received, including Z's. With no phone, or internet, I had no way to contact anyone. Starting in early December, I was again able to get the Net back, and informed my customers as to my situation. The week of Dec. 7th, I was able to send out orders again, including z's fly. It didn't arrive. After a few inquiries(after talking to Z) I discovered the fly had been included in another customer's order,minus the shipping label. This was mid-January. The next time I had met Z in the chat room was the next week, and informed him that I would be sending him the fly as soon as I had received it back, I was met with a statement from him(direct quote) "You're full of crapola, my friend". I then tried to ask him in a private chat what would make him happy, a refund, the fly, or both. I received no response from him, but was asked to quit hiding & come out in the main forum, which I did. After that, we were asked by the chat moderator to please "go private" if we had a dispute with each other, which I then tried again, with no response. At this point, another rant was aimed my way & Z left, with no response to either question I posed.That was the last time I had spoken to him. Then , as I stated, I entered the chat earlier this week & was informed of the "Dishonest Member" post."

Well the first thing McMutt should have done was send the check back and an explanation as to why and what for.

The second thing he should have done would be to make the order again and send it with an explanation.


A person only has so much understanding. In hard times you should have never cashed the check. I do not care if you spent it on a kidney. If you screwed up an order only you can make it right. How can you trust anyone to send back something when you can not be trusted? You can no longer make this transaction right. You have spoiled your good name.