Was back home visiting the families this past weekend. My dad heard (from my wife) that I was interested in fly fishing. My dad, being an avid fisherman and experienced garage/yard saler, took me up to his collection of rods and reels he bought at garage and yard sales to see if he had a fly rod. He had one bamboo fly rod that was missing at least one piece (I suspect two), had the handle end and the tip end. The only other flyrod looked to be bamboo (was hex shaped), at first, only it was telescopic and upon closer inspection I found it to have a very dark copper color to it. I could not make out any markings on it, but then I did not have much time to look it over more thoroughly. Can't tell what weight it is or even how long it is because the middle section is seized and won't telescope out.

With that highly limited info., were there a lot of copper fly rod manufacturers? If so, then a list maybe too cumbersome, but if not, I'd like a list of possible candidates. I'll probably not fish it and its probably not even worth the price of the scrap copper, but am interested in finding out a little more about it, since it seems to be unique. I'll try to find out more from the rod itself, when I get a chance. I would think the information would be etched or punched into a metal rod, but I am probably too optomistic.

Thank you,