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Thread: Question regarding canoe stabilizers?

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    Question Question regarding canoe stabilizers?

    I am thinking about building my own stabilizers. My canoe is plenty stable while paddling but has less than ideal initial stability. Modified v hulls are designed that way to make them harder to capsize especially in motion or moving water like rapids. Not normally a problem on the still waters where I keep the canoe but Amy has recently purchased her license and will now be in the canoe with me from time to time. In addition to her inexperience I am suffering from some vertigo due to an inner ear problem. I could never pass a flight physical now. Even driving in the fog is tougher than it used to be.

    Well I had been considering doing this to to canoe so I can use it for duck hunting and now these things are going on. I do not really want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on the retail models when I think I can easily build my own.

    I figured on using crab/lobster pot floats, 6" diameter, 11" long attached to 1" diameter PVC pipe sealed for additional buoyancy, 1" adjustable PVC drop tube attached to a 2" PVC cross member. There would be a drop tube and float set on both sides of the canoe. I think the biggest problem I will have is figuring out how to make the connection between the cross tube and drop tubes adjustable for ride height.

    I could use some help and ideas. Perhaps some of you have found a good way to do this or just have an idea how to do it. Please feel free to post. Being a former aircraft mechanic, specifically helicopters, taught me to always listen to and consider all ideas. Thanks folks. Any help greatly appreciated.
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