February 17, Sunday
2nd Annual Fly Tying Exhibition
An open-house event, from 11AM to 4 PM. Meet some of the best fly tyers in the area as they demonstrate their skill at creating flies for trout and salmon. This year will feature exhibit tyers as well as instructional tyers. Come and learn the craft, with hands-on experiences geared for both children and adults (children should be nine years and older). Remember: fly tying is not just a man's sport, as some of the world's best fly tyers are women! Wayside Inn's Josephine's Pond was recently restored and stocked with trout and is open to the public for educational purposes (no trout may be kept as it is strictly a catch-and-release program). Call 978/443-1776 for more information. Bamboo rods two.
Longfellow's Wayside Inn 72 Wayside Inn Road Sudbury MA 01776