I just rec'd the 2008 ABEL catalog and noticed that the ABEL SUPREME FLY-TYING VISE
is gone. On their website-it still lists them for sale; albeit discontinued. Sad really. It is a beautiful vise.

I usually tie on DynaKing vises. They are tried and true. A few years back Steve Abel demoed the ABEL SUPREME FLY-TYING VISE for me at a show. It had some great features yet at $500.00 it was out of my league. Last year I picked-up one of the discontinued aluminum versions for $150.00 less than the high-end deluxe brass model and it functions exactly the same. Glad I did now, since soon these will be impossible to purchase in either version. So if you have been thinking about getting one - better jump on them while they still offer them on-line at least. I had to wait around 6 weeks for mine. Steve Abel put a lot of thoughtful design work into his vise and it is a beauty IMO (He sold his company a few years ago).