In 2008, the F?d?ration qu?b?coise pour le saumon atlantique (FQSA) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its World Salmon Fly Tying Championship at the same time Quebec City celebrates the 400th anniversary of its foundation. Drawing inspiration from the grand theme of the celebration in Quebec City (?Meetings and Encounters?), the following thematic was adopted for the FQSA 2008 Championship: ?Quebec City 1608-2008: the meeting of the present with the past?.

Specific sub-themes have been assigned to each of the championship categories in accordance with the general thematic. For example, the theme for the original design Feather-wing wet fly category will be ?Sails?, bringing to our minds that Quebec City was founded by sailors journeying across the sea aboard magnificent tall ships.

To highlight the 25th anniversary of its Championship, the FQSA is sending a special invitation to all on its Master Tyers list as well as any other highly talented salmon fly tyer from anywhere in the world to compete among themselves in a distinct group in the ?Feather-wing original design category?.

When you visit the web site, you will notice as well that we have included a new Spey type original design category in the championship, in addition to the two other original design and the three compulsory model categories.

For information on participation and contest regulations, please visit the Federation's web site at

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