I have a couple of Fisher factory built graphite fly rods, and was wondering if there are any Fisher afficionados out there that know about what year these rods were manufactured.

1) 8' 4wt 4pc Original - gloss charcoal gray blank, spigot ferrules
2) 9' 5/6wt 6pc / 7'6" 5/6wt 5pc Classic Graphite combo (7 total pieces) - gloss dark green blank, spigot ferrules

I really like the 8' 4wt Original....it's a great light trout and panfish rod. Great for small to medium sized cutthroat streams and rivers, super fun with dries and wets, but will also do nymphs and split shot, as well as small streamers when called upon.

I just obtained the 7pc combo....it was factory made with a second butt section, so that it can be a 9' 6pc rod or a 7'6" 5pc rod....pretty cool, actually! It seems to be more of a 5wt after my initial test casting, but also will throw a 6wt just fine as well, especially in closer quarters. I think I could do bluegill to bass, small trout to big trout, on small waters or big waters with this combo rod.

Anyway, both of these rods are medium action, super smooth and accurate, yet will effortlessly toss a lot of line when called upon. I see a Fisher Original model pop up every so often, as well as an occasional fiberglass rod (very sought after), but can't recall seeing a Classic Graphite in recent years at all.

I've really gotten into fiberglass fly rods as of late, but do appreciate these Fisher graphite rods.

Does anyone have any old Fisher catalogs, or otherwise know approximately when these rods were manufactured? I'm reasonably sure it was in the 1980's to mid-1990's, but would appreciate any further info.

- Tom